I've been gone for a while. The summer has been as chaotic as usual, and my personal commitments have, as predicted, fallen by the wayside in favor of larger goals. I'll come back with a little of what's taken my time (including possibly some pictures, since the spambots tell me I don't have enough of those on the site), but this is a quick post to let you know that a project I started working on about three years ago has officially been picked up by a new publishing house: Ellipses Press. I'm putting up the first of the promotional material here. It's a short story, and I'll be sure to update when I have an official release date and information about where it will be available.


Ernie Johnson will do almost anything for Dianne Wright, his beautiful and brilliant girlfriend. She restores his faith in humanity and gives him hope. When she asks him to follow her into a fun house maze—her favorite place—he quickly agrees, but gets lost in the shuffle of mirrors. One in particular draws his attention and when he's pushed into it, he wakes up in another reality where he comes face to face with a difficult truth about himself. Struggling to come to terms with his guilt, and running from Dianne's revenge, Ernie must find his way back to the world he knows before he loses his life.