I'm sure you've heard it a million different ways. It's still true. We're all learning this together. I'm flexible around time and I'm still researching platforms. Like most people, my routine has been upended, and so my juggling is a little off. But I did want to get this information up and the conversation started sooner than later. If anything doesn't work, we'll adjust and move forward from there.

THANK YOU for understanding and taking this journey with me!

So with that said, here's my list of questions to think about while reading the introduction. Feel free to come to the discussion with questions of your own! These are here in case you find them helpful.

How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell Introduction: Surviving Usefulness

1. What is nothing? How do you define it, and how do you do it?

2. Do you make time to do "nothing"? If so, how/when?

3. Let's talk about the story of The Useless Tree (attributed to Zhuang Zhou). What was your initial reaction to the story? Did/does that reaction change if/when you sit with it for a while? Do you identify more with the tree or with the carpenter?

4. Getting straight to the point, do you think there's something beneficial (useful) in spending time doing things society at large seems to have defined as useless?

If you want to download these questions, I've got them up on GoogleDocs. Here's the link.