As promised! Links to buy this book.

A little background, if you're curious...

The idea of learning how to do nothing... intrigued me. And it felt important. I put it on a wishlist that I sent out to a few loved ones, and got it for the holidays. I put it on my dresser thinking it would be good to read, but, well. We'd see how much of it stuck.

When Oregon (the state I live in) announced our first identified in-state case of COVID-19, this book drew my eye. That pull has increased since. There's something here that needs to be read and discussed and understood. I need it, and I believe the world needs it, too. I mentioned the book to a mentor-and-guide of mine late last week, and it struck me that going through this book really does require community. Now that I've read the introduction, I'm even more convinced. I've always believed that we are more together than the sum of our individual selves. I believe in the power of joint attention and focus. But even more than that, none of us have all the answers. We need each other to figure this out. And by this, I mean life as a whole, even beyond the horrors of the current moment. In Odell's own words

So consider this not a closed transmission of information, but instead an open and extended essay in the original sense of the word (a journey, an essaying forth). It's less a lecture than an invitation to take a walk.

So come on. Take this walk with me.

Note: Yes, I'm pushing both small businesses and services that support small businesses. After reading the introduction to this book, I suspect Odell would agree with the decision. These places are where local cultures begin and thrive. They are the lifeblood of creative resistance to the modern paradigm of universal conformity, and they're struggling right now.

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