Tracker walked a long road before landing in the hands of the inquisitors. He unlearned lies he'd been raised with. He found family among the unwanted. He walked away from them to find his own place in the world. Protected by one who sheltered unwanted children, blessed with a nose, Tracker makes a name for himself as a finder of what, and who, is lost. When his old friend, a shape-shifter known only by the name Leopard, finds him hunting down lost dolls and dishonest husbands, the offer carried is too intriguing to resist. Find a boy thought dead 20 seasons. Find him and save a world.

The prose is beautiful, the world is wide and deep, and into the middle of it all is the seed of something we all yearn for - the audacity to hope for something better. In this first book of his Dark Star trilogy, James has created something lasting. I look forward to the next piece of the story.