It's been ages. Well, okay. It's been the holidays and trying to get through two books. Plus, this one is satisfyingly thick.

In Rogues, Martin and Dozois have brought together a cadre of amazing writers to share stories of those who flirt with the edges of the law. They follow their own code, in service to a morality that sometimes even they don't really understand. As with other anthologies, I'm going to highlight favorites, rather than trying to talk about all of them.

The Meaning of Love by Daniel Abraham Sweet and cynical, following a main character whose gender is never quite revealed, this story examines the things we do for a feeling very few of us can ever describe, but many of us recognize instantly.

The Caravan to Nowhere by Phyllis Eisenstein A bard chasing a story about a boy chasing a city that may or may not exist. The emotional twists of this one stuck with me as much as anything else in the anthology.

How the Marquis Got His Coat Back by Neil Gaiman Fans will recall the Marquis de Carabas and his role in Neverwhere. Have probably even read this story already. I had. But this one ages well. Something new sticks with me each time. This time, it was how the Marquis can never quite see the similarities between himself and his older brother.

The Lightning Tree by Patrick Rothfuss Bast is the vagabond love-child of Greek Mythology and the 60's. This tale of him through one day (that seem to last at least two and possibly a week) is as endearing as it is frustrating. I'm still waiting for book three of the Kingkiller Chronicles. But this was a lovely piece to tide me over through the gap.