Look at our media.

Brown parents and children crying at our border.

Black men and women and boys and girls lying bloody on the ground.

Native Americans and First Nations people wrapped in coats and blankets in front of an armed and armored opposing force.

We fostered this, white America. We bred this with our arrogance and our insecurity.

Don’t look away. This is not rubbernecking at a car crash. This is seeing and believing and acknowledging. This? Is gazing into the mirror.
Mirror made of bones on a pedestal of blood, reflecting pale hands lifting fabric. Text reads, Look in the Mirror. © jjoef

Do you like what you see?

Does it make you uncomfortable?

Look again. Then again. And again. Keep watching until the colors bleed and the shapes bend and the people who stand within the frame are you and yours and you can’t watch without feeling it.

Without feeling.




This is the blood that our country was built upon, and these are the bones that shore up our affluence. This is the cost of our comfort.

We can be better, and should be better, but won’t be better if we deny the truth of this, of our past and our present. For the step up that has been given to us, we owe an answering hand up. We owe an immigration policy that does not criminalize those asking for help. We owe a health care system that cares for our collective health. We owe an education system that sees the divide between what is white and what is not, that sees the people on all sides of this divide, that sees their truths, that sees the value of all these people and their histories. We owe a justice system predicated on the idea of building people up.

Pay it forward, is the term.

Look in the mirror, white America. It is beyond time.