Cazaril has been raked over the coals too many times to count well before he arrives at the castle where he spent a large portion of his adolescence. Abandoned, sold into slavery, abused, and left to rot, he finally walked from the shores where he was rescued to the inland kingdom that holds his native allegiance. Once there, he finds himself thrown in with a brilliant, decisive princess who quickly earns his complete loyalty.

Beset by mortal enemies and divine curses, Cazaril must use his wits as much as his arms to free both himself and his princess from the looming threats that could very well destroy the country at large.

Set in a deeply imagined world, filled with characters who jump off the page, The Curse of Chalion asks an unusual question. What is a saint? What does it mean to hold the will of Gods? The answer, I think, is both humbling and encouraging.