I'm finding it hard to put down my thoughts on this book. It's shelved as poetry, and surely a lot of it falls into that category. But it's also historical, told through a blend of both non-fiction and fiction. It's brilliant and visceral and touching. And important. It's an important piece of our American story that I think gets overlooked too often, the story of how too many voices have been co-opted and too much credit has been taken from the original sources of brilliance. It's short, and it's worth taking the time to savor.

If you want more information after you've read it, to help you sort out fact from fiction (and I do suggest you wait until after), I highly recommend this interview.

However, Pro Tip For the Uninitiated… Read the appendices first on this one. It's easier to appreciate the richness of the syncopated pieces when you understand how they're meant to be read.