In the first world, you would be just slightly out of step with everything and everyone around you. A little too loud. A little too timid. A little too passionate. A little too logical. No one quite gets you.

In the second, everyone gets you. Everyone understands you and you understand everyone. You know this is true, because everyone has been conditioned to be exactly the same.

Which would you choose?

When Meg Murry sets off across the universe with her brother, a neighbor, and three mysterious "witches", she's planning on finding her father. In the process, she learns some important truths about the nature of individuality and the importance of forgiveness. And begins to understand the dangers of making assumptions about people we don't know.

I picked up A Wrinkle in Time because I wanted some understanding of the story before I walked into the movie theater to watch it. I put it down understanding why it's a children's classic. The characters are touching, and the tale itself is timeless.