Let's do this with highlights.

Most Whimsical: The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species. Not only does Liu venture into a realm of fantastic non-earth beings, he goes beyond carbon-based. He explores not only how societies might shape their stories, but also how the act of writing itself might shape the society putting down the records that are left behind.

Most Moving: The Paper Menagerie. Anyone who has grown up with an immigrant in their family will recognize the push and pull between history and the larger society, between the two homes that a heart can occupy. It's a bittersweet reminder that the things which make us different can also tie us together.

Most Encompassing: All The Flavors. I almost called this one "Most Satisfying", but that didn't quite fit. It isn't that the story satisfies, so much as that it contains -- everything. All the flavors of life - grief, love, joy, envy, hope… As the narrative driver of the story explains, "This is where I have finally found all the flavors of the world."

Liu's writing style shifts from journalistic to narrative, depending on the story. He writes each with equal skill and agility, and with enough conviction to render suspension of disbelief nearly effortless. Combined with solid research and deep personal knowledge, this talent makes reading his work a completely delightful experience.