The more research that gets done in the world, the more we find that the most effective tools for addressing change come from people who are able to work from their own truth and their own experience. This book is exactly that, a road map through middle school written by someone who took really good notes, and wasn't afraid to make some mistakes in the process of learning how to share them. It shines a light on the realities many parents and teachers forget in the years between their own youth and the youth of these new young people they are supporting.

The one weakness I observe has its roots in the same place as the book's overall strength. The focus and target audience of this book is pretty clearly middle class. That doesn't negate the truth or validity of what's contained in these pages. It just means that those reading it need to be aware of how some of the challenges and suggested solutions shift when viewed through layers of poverty, differing cognitive and physical abilities, and racial struggle.

Overall, I think the book is a good resource, and a valuable read for anyone who interacts with middle school kids on a regular basis.