Fans of Not Your Sidekick are in for another treat as Lee revisits Andover and the North American Collective to continue the Resistance from the point of view of Bells Broussard. The characters are as fully dimensional, complex, and engaging as ever. The action is as enthralling. And the world is as intricate and complete.

But through it all, I think the part that touches me most is how these kids are empowered - by their friends, their families, and their world - to really define themselves. No answers are forced on them. They ask the questions that need to be asked, they do their own searching, and when their friends are doing the same they stand nearby and hold each other up. I look at the kids in these books, and despite the dystopia of their reality… I see hope for our own kids. I see a world where they get to be strong because who they are is honored, instead of because of how they've had to fight to defend themselves.

It's a beautiful vision, set into an exciting world, built around characters who jump off the page and into your heart.