Mistborn (Book 1) The only flowers that remain are drawn on ragged, age-worn paper. There is a strict division between laborers and rulers. The sky is grey, and the sun red, and this is the only world Vin has ever known. Hiding in shadows and skittering through gutters, she survives on wit and an imprecise, unreliable gift she calls her Luck.

Until Kelsier enters her life, tall and dashing and determined to laugh in the face of whatever opposes him.

He turns her world upside down. He helps her learn who she really is, and teaches her that it isn't always wrong to trust others to help you. He opens her life to possibilities she had never dared to dream of. And then leaves her to see his vision through to completion without him.

The Well of Ascension (Book 2) Success doesn't bring easy rewards, it turns out. While society shifts and resettles around them, Vin and her friends try to figure out their own places within this new order. And yet larger problems still remain. There is, as there has been for centuries, a prophecy that promises either destruction or redemption. Vin, with guidance and help from her friends and mentors, feels the weight of that prophecy keenly.

And feels it even more so when she realizes that she may have made the wrong choice.

The Hero of Ages (Book 3) With the world literally crumbling around them, Vin and her friends rush to distant corners of the world, searching for clues to tell them how to set things back to rights. Once-trusted friends become a source of fear and old beliefs are found lacking. Together, they face impossible odds that ultimately overwhelm them. Until they are saved by the one person who is simultaneously both the most logical and the most unlikely.

This last one is probably my favorite book of the three. High action and ever-shifting realities keep the pages turning while already-beloved characters struggle to make sense of their world. This ending was definitely worth the wait.