I saw on that screen a woman who grew up sheltered and loved, held close and protected in all the best ways that her family could imagine. It was sweet and gentle and kind in ways that would have suffocated her if she hadn't had an advocate to stand by her.

I saw on that screen a woman who had a choice. A woman who could have stayed in the world she knew, who could have let the rest of the world take care of itself. And yet when the time came for her to make that choice, she stood in front of her mother, listened to the heartbroken honesty that couldn't hold her truth, accepted it and left anyways.

I saw on that screen a woman who refused to walk away from a necessary task, no matter how difficult, and who held those around her accountable for their actions and choices. She wasn't always right in her assumptions, but she was willing to stand in her own truth and speak it out loud.

I saw on that screen a woman who was complete in and of herself, and so therefore willing and able to love without holding back or pushing away.

I do not love Diana Prince because she is tough, but because she is tender and soft, and because those are the things that make her strong.