It took me two months to read my way through this series (Volumes 1 through 10, plus Overture). I savored it in small bites. At first, I read it to soothe myself to sleep at the end of long days, to balance the surreal familiarity of Orwell's 1984. Once I finished the novel, the series became a treat to enjoy between busier moments. Not that this is a happy story. But it is beautiful.

I'm honestly not sure how to summarize this story. It's a tale of hope and sorrow. Of eternity. Of both the beginnings and the endings of circles. Of the changes that must necessarily happen even in unchanging things. The Sandman stories follow the endless through time. It tells the story of humanity through the eyes of our collective hopes and dreams.

In other news, this post actually brings me up to "current" on my reading list! I'm a little stunned to be caught up. Part of that, I suppose, is reviewing series as single items. But. The reading goes on - I'm two books into another Sanderson series/trilogy, that I will review once I finish the third, and have a newly updated to-read list on Goodreads that I'm pretty excited about. So... more to come!