In the first book of this series, C.B. Lee introduces us to a not-so-distant future where super powers are… common, though not universal. Heroes and villains with awe-inspiring powers are neatly divided into their separate camps and idolized or disparaged accordingly. Jess, born into a family of superheroes, has spent her life waiting for the day her own powers would manifest. Except that they didn't. Instead, she moves on and into a larger adventure than she could possibly have imagined.

The story drew me in, the writing was smooth and easy, and the world C.B. Lee created vibrates with richness and depth. The characters could have been students I know, and the questions they faced in and around their adventures will be familiar to anyone who has ever been a teenager.

Worth mentioning: I shared this one with my speed-reading 12 year old, who immediately added it to their frequently-read shelf, and expressed excitement for the next installment (anticipated this year). This is one of those YA books/series that can easily capture the hearts and imaginations of multiple generations.