In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury creates a world dominated by life-sized, interactive digital displays. Big brother controls every bit of entertainment that is consumed, and anyone found seeking information or enjoyment elsewhere is deemed an enemy of the state to be treated accordingly. Leaders proudly proclaim that they do not read, and books are kept as shameful secrets. The parallels write themselves.

If you've read it before, it's worth a re-read. If you haven't, it's worth picking up. This book is a classic indictment of censorship. It's a warning to keep our eyes open and to remember the value of feeling uncomfortable. It's a reminder of the value of time for thinking and conversing about deeply meaningful things, whether or not we have any coherent answers. It's a reminder of the power inherent in questioning the world around us.

Let's keep questioning. Let's not follow quietly into the noise of intellectual silence.