The Mistwraith has been vanquished, but the true depths of the creatures departing curse are yet to be understood. The half-brothers, one raised to inherit a throne and one raised to sail on the high seas, each take to the landscape with which they're most familiar, and set out to pursue the path they believe will right the wrongs they perceive. Throughout the novel, we watch and are pulled in as Arithon and Lysaer earn the trust and loyalty of those around them and maneuver toward their own goals. Locked in a high stakes game of cat and mouse, Lysaer chases Arithon's shadow until they lock wills in a talent-fueled harbor battle that devastates an entire fleet of ships.

Still reeling from their encounter at Minderl Bay, Lysaer and Arithon part ways to plot their next moves. Weaving through and around these two, we find other actors, both magic users of great power with their own agendas, and average people drawn into the fray by chance or machination. We watch as alliances form and founder, as both princes build and then tear down relationships that they have come to rely upon. Our hearts ache for both, caught in a trap spun from emotion and a deep need to do what their own disposition has determined must restore peace and prosperity to their new world.