Crannies of Unknown Purpose. Walls That Slant. Hints of a perfectly 80's color palate hidden under enthusiastic layers of white paint. Patchwork carpets. Ants.

Sidebar: Did you know that you can keep ants out of your house with cinnamon? Plain, powered cinnamon. I have no idea why, but they look at it, they try to go over it, and then they turn around and give up. A friend taught me that one. When they started crawling in through the wall outlets, ehow informed us that Vaseline works, too. The line has to be thick enough in both cases, but wow. Now we should probably go under the house and make sure the nest isn't somewhere in our foundation.

And for anyone who's curious, the peppermint candy didn't work for us, though I'm pretty sure the ants were hoping that we'd go with it.


As someone who thrives on planning projects, this all makes me unbelievably happy. I get to wander my absolutely fine house and imagine how I'm going to fix it.

Remember those built-ins I was bemoaning from my last house? There are already plans for more here. Specifically in the living room, though we need to figure out if we can move a wall first. See Crannies of Unknown Purpose. For now, I'm contenting myself with curtains and paint. Okay, dreams of a bathroom remodel may have crept into my winter thoughts. But we need to see how the next couple of weeks go before starting to plan for that too heavily.

Because my classes start up again on Monday. I picked up an extra day, which will be good for my renovations budget, but will also cut into my writing time. I've been making amazing progress there the last few weeks, and I always worry that adding anything else will cut into my productivity. I'm nearing the end of what I'd planned as the second book in my trilogy, and the third book is starting to lay itself out for me.

It's all very exciting, and entirely counter to every bit of advice generally given to writers. But I struggle to write anything else right now. That is what's calling me, so there I am.

I have ideas for stand alone novels once the trilogy is done. I have dreams of getting there by the end of next year. A lot of that will depend on how well I can stay focused on my writing while class is in session. Sharing my goal generally helps, so here's the idea:

I hope to be done the rough draft of what I'm currently calling "Book Two" by mid-December.