This year, "whatever else" turned into buying and selling houses. One of each. Both transactions went smoothly, but moving out and moving in always have more bumps than not.

Still, here I am on the other side. We're mostly unpacked, and what isn't unpacked has been tucked into corners where it's out of the way, to wait for the day that we can figure out or create the right kind of shelving or cabinets to hold it. Which, of course, is a lesson in the pitfalls of built-in storage solutions.

I fully intend to ignore it.

The landscapes I saw while away for vacation, on the other hand, have left a lasting impression. I've lived within a day's drive of an ocean all my life. I have no intention of changing that, but the vistas in the center of the United States are awe-inspiring. I'm already making plans to go back, and the pictures will stay in my mind when I'm searching for landscapes to populate.

Grand Prismatic Mammoth Hot Springs


And, of course, in the midst of all this I got a contract to publish my short story, Oblong.

So maybe the issues isn't with expecting to get things done. I just shouldn't plan what will be done when the universe has other ideas. For now, the school year has started back up, and I'm excited to get back to writing and teaching.