Thankfully, I have some friends who still live in those white-winter places and share the images with me online. I can get my cold fix from a distance and know there's a mountain a quick day-trip away if I really need to play in it. Which isn't nearly as often as my daughter wishes I did. I need to get her up there soon. Maybe on one of the upcoming school holiday weekends.

Despite the cloudy weather, I've been more productive than I had imagined over the past week. The first draft of an outline for the second novel in my series is pretty much done. I need to transfer it from sheets of paper to sticky notes so that I can stand back and see where the holes are, but I'm a month or so ahead of schedule on that. I've earned the opportunity to pay bills during daylight hours instead of between snack requests or after bedtime. This is how I pay myself until my writing finds it's way out into the world.

So instead of sitting in my sun-filled writing space, color-coding and sorting and rearranging my outline notes, I'm in the little, dark home office paying bills and writing up lists of classroom supplies for the job I start on Monday. It's an after-school literacy enrichment class that I developed while I was volunteering at my daughter's school. And maybe a math class too, since I actually studied to teach math when I was in college. But I'm not sure. I'm getting some paperwork and clarification from my boss later today, and when I do that, I've got to tell him what materials I need, too. Hence the lists.

I'm living in that weird half-space between nerves and excitement. I haven't started a new job in thirteen years. Not really. Not things I couldn't do out of my living room. There will be reviews and I'll need to produce results with kids who may not actually be excited about learning. In fact, who likely aren't, since the school I'll be teaching at struggles with both literacy and math achievement.

It's exactly what I want to do. What I wanted to do when I was working toward that education certificate that I never got.

I realize that probably qualifies me for the label crazy.

But for today, I'm celebrating, and that means bills and blog posts and probably, once homework is done, a little bit of time out in the sun.